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Larger Hill & Vaughn Silver Coin and BullionServiceGold and silver comes in many forms. One of the difficulties people have is knowing which form to buy. For instance, a 1 ounce Gold Eagle, at the time of this article, is going for 5.6% over spot and a 1 oz Canadian Maple leaf is going for 4.2%. Thus, the Maple Leaf is a better value by 1.4%. There are other forms that are of better value. That’s part of the service we provide. We discuss premiums and how to find value within the bullion space.

People are also confused about what constitutes “bullion”. Forms of bullion can come in coins, bars or rounds. Coins can come in bullion form or in a numismatic. We avoid numismatics because we believe that pure bullion forms are better from an investment standpoint for most of our clients. Numismatics contain a metal investment and a sentiment investment. We believe that in times of financial stress, sentiment values will decline to zero or near zero as consumers seek actual gold or silver content.

We want to help people make decisions that result in prosperity, peace of mind and success.

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