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Large Hill & Vaughn Consulting ServiceIn order to understand the education and relationship component of Hill & Vaughn Precious Metals, you have to know a little about their background. Craig Hill spent 22 years as a financial advisor. During that time, he experienced the Asian Currency Crisis of 1998, the Tech Wreck of 1999-2002 and the 2008-09 financial crisis. During each of these events, Craig kept seeing that what the academics had taught him was not what he experienced in real life. Long story short, Craig Hill came to believe that the risk modeling done in the financial markets was done incorrectly. To this day he is still not certain if that was intentional or unintentional, but regardless, the markets are much riskier than he was led to believe.

Large 02 Hill & Vaughn Relationship ServiceBecause Craig adopted certain presuppositions regarding market risk, he started behaving differently. He pulled his parents money from the stock market and eventually left the industry. Now, Hill & Vaughn Precious Metals is not saying you should or shouldn’t own stocks, We are just saying that for Craig Hill and his family, he chose to no longer participate in those markets and  started acting differently.

Today, Hill & Vaughn meets more and more people who are acting differently or that want to act differently. There are lots of books and avenues for advice regarding market based investing. There is very little regarding market alternative investing. That’s where Hill & Vaughn Precious Metals come in.

We want to help you think and act differently. We don’t just want to sell you precious metals, we want to help you survive, succeed and thrive.

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