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In our consultations, we talk about many things. Kids, careers,skills, resources, finances, etc. Here at Hill & Vaughn we want to help people make decisions that result in prosperity, peace of mind and success.

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Large Hill & Vaughn Consultation Service 04Let us share a story with you. Yesterday, we spent an hour on the phone with a prospective client. He was a family man from California and he was concerned for his family and their well-being given his perception of risk to the modern financial system.

He was trying to act differently. He wanted to reduce his stock market exposure and he wanted to put some things in place that would remove some of his risks.

Again, we spoke for an hour about what he could do and how he could do it. He was not pushed to place an order with us, he was treated as a neighbor who needed a listening ear and some good advice.

We are committed to loving our customers as ourselves and seeking to understand and serve their needs in the same way we would understand and serve our own. It means we are not interested in merely selling them product; we do not consider them abstract economic ends; they are not opportunities to exploit. Our customers are our neighbors, and we wish to see them succeed (1 Cor. 10:24)

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