Our Foundation

Hill & Vaughn Foundation 01Hill and Vaughn Precious Metals is founded upon an unyielding commitment to the historic Christian faith and a strictly biblical worldview. Naturally these commitments have implications for our business and especially for our customers. As Christians in the Reformed tradition, we believe in the sovereign, triune God who reveals himself infallibly and inerrantly in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. We believe He is the source of all being, the source of all knowledge, and the only rightful ground for ethical norms.

Thus, our commitment to the triune God calls us to presuppose his lordship over all things. This includes economics (Ex. 20:8-11, 15-17), money (Hag. 2:8), business (Jam. 4:13-15), and finance (Ps. 15:1,5). It calls us to love him and serve him with every facet of our being and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matt. 22:36-40). Therefore, Hill and Vaughn Precious Metals is fully committed to glorifying God by obeying his laws concerning our business (Eccl. 12:13). It also means that we are committed to loving our customers as ourselves and seeking to understand and serve their needs in the same way we would understand and serve our own. It means we are not interested in merely selling them product; we do not consider them abstract economic ends; they are not opportunities to exploit. Our customers are our neighbors, and we wish to see them succeed (1 Cor. 10:24). We desire to be a means by which our Lord might prosper them and their families.

Hill & Vaughn Foundation 02Further, our commitment to God as the creator and sustainer of the universe, causes us to believe that everything is whatever He, and not man, says it is. That means that academicians and politicians and central bankers do not define money, God does. Should you choose to do business with Hill and Vaughn Previous Metals, you will find that we are committed to sound, honest money. We believe that genuine money reflects genuine value and not a debt or a promise to pay. This is why we recommend gold and silver. We believe these two metals to be real, genuine, and honest money. We believe they are inherently valuable (Gen. 2:12) and therefore hold their value over time. They are not get rich quick schemes or magic financial carpets, but they have since the beginning of time been trustworthy stores of value (Gen. 13:2) and are today sound hedges against the ups and downs of perverted fiat currencies and the inflationary policies of central banks (Eccl. 7:12).


We want to help people make decisions that result in prosperity, peace of mind and success.