About Hill & Vaughn Precious Metals

About Hill & Vaughn Precious Metals

When Craig Hill and Greg Vaughn began to invest in precious metals personally, both men found professional guidance and service hard to come by. They were looking for a rational, logical approach and wanted to avoid extremist views and plans.

We are committed to loving our customers as ourselves and seeking to understand and serve their needs in the same way we would understand and serve our own. It means we are not interested in merely selling them product; we do not consider them abstract economic ends; they are not opportunities to exploit. Our customers are our neighbors, and we wish to see them succeed (1 Cor. 10:24)


We want to help people make decisions that result in prosperity, peace of mind and success.

Craig A HillCraig A Hill, CFP® has been in the financial industry since 1994. He has a degree in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. During his career Craig has owned his own investment firm, worked for banks and managed a large branch office for a multi-national investment firm. He has extensive knowledge of precious metals, banking, economics and financial markets.

Greg Vaughn - PrincipalGreg Vaughn has spent over twenty years in the construction industry. Having experienced the booms and busts of the industry, Greg became a student of historical economics, concentrating his studies around the effects of unsound money on peoples and cultures. Greg has a degree in Kinesiology from Lubbock Christian University and has extensive knowledge of precious metals, banking, economics, finance and ethics from a historical and reformed Christian perspective.

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