Client Testimonial

One of the things that drives us the most is the desire to help first-time precious metals buyers acquire gold and silver. Last week, some satisfied clients sent us a few words describing their first-time buying experience with Hill & Vaughn Precious Metals. These clients took advantage of our free personal consultation and through a series of conversations got to a point of being educated and empowered. They then took action that will benefit them and their family.

Client Testimonial:

My wife and I wanted to add some precious metals to our portfolio. As first time buyers, we were daunted by the process. Through emails and telephone calls with Craig, we developed great confidence in his character. No sales pitch, just a helping hand, and very reasonable fees. A subsequent purchase was handled quickly and with far less trepidation. Great communication, valuable insight and commitment to customer service set him high above our expectations. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Craig!

We share these words in hopes that it will help others move forward and take action. We truly believe that physical gold and silver should be seen as core financial assets. To discuss how this applies to you personally, please call the office and schedule your personal consultation.